[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Oct 12 16:18:28 EDT 2006

Hey Todd, do you suppose we could start a net and register it with the ARRL 
National Traffic System?  I believe the FCC took a line from that old movie 
series by the 3 Stooges by saying, "Spread Out"  If we formed a couple of 
NTS recognized nets and published frequencies, we would have the right to 
the frequency according to the de facto rules.  We just need to be vigilant 
to be sure the ARRL doesn't try to hog it all for some particular group.

I am looking forward to working a bunch of guys up in your current location 
this winter and I hope you bore a hole through all the Aflack bunch down in 
FL.  WW9W in FL does get on when the static isn't too bad and we hear him 
with just 100 watts.  So chances are good.  Move carefully.

73  Jim

> Good idea!! We could have a corntest too, or better still, Jim - a
> NET! Because once you have a net, the frequency is yours to keep.
> 3685....I like the sound of it.
> It was great working you, Jim - can't wait to do it again. Heard you
> and Brian in there a few times in the last week or so, but was busy
> working on other projects. Hopefully the static will quiet down
> tonight. That's the only thing that can raise hell with a good AM
> signal.
> 73, Todd  KA1KAQ

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