[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 16:41:02 EDT 2006

On 10/12/06, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> Hey Todd, do you suppose we could start a net and register it with the ARRL
> National Traffic System?

Well, considering that 99% of today's nets have nothing to do with
emergency comms or passing traffic, it seems foolish that they get any
attention paid to them by the ARRL or the FCC. I still contend that
it's just a way to reserve a frequency for ragchewing. Giving it an
official-sounding name and coming back regularly doesn't change a
thing. Nothing against ragchewing (I enjoy it), but let's call it what
it is and not try to make it into something it's not.

> I am looking forward to working a bunch of guys up in your current location
> this winter and I hope you bore a hole through all the Aflack bunch down in
> FL.  WW9W in FL does get on when the static isn't too bad and we hear him
> with just 100 watts.  So chances are good.  Move carefully.

I spoke with Robert last week, maybe a week ago last Sunday. He had a
good signal up this way on his Beastly 610. Dan, W9GOB joined us from
Chicago. Also talked with Warren W1GUD when he was up at Tim's place
over the weekend.

There's no reason I can see to clump up on one frequency and tremble
at the thought of some SSB station getting his undies in a bunch
because he doesn't like AM. I don't hold with the premise that 'you're
a helpless AMer, so just accept whatever crumbs fall near you'. All it
takes it a couple of good, strapping (strong/LOUD) signals on the band
regularly. I know there are some 1-Landers down there already who are
planning to be on the air soon(old buzzard John in Clearwater comes to
mind), one fellow almost has his new 4x1 rig ready. Bob, K1KBW is
moving to the Orlando area in the next month or so and I'll be heading
somewhere north of Tampa in a few months. With Chris in Ft Lauderdale,
and Robert in Punta Gorda, we should be able to drum up some activity.
I don't mind talking to the same station more than once, it's not a
contest for me. It's the enjoyment of restoring and operating
historic, old gear and sharing the experience with others.

Best part is, I'll be able to work you, both Brians, the other
5-Landers and the fellows from 0-Land a whole lot more regularly.
Definitely looking forward to that part. Might even get up early to
work Geoff some morning. And activity attracts more, so....I'll do my
part to make "Heaven's Waiting Room" a bit more aurally-interesting,
from an RF perspective.

~ Todd  KA1KAQ

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