[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Bob Maser bmaser at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Oct 12 20:09:48 EDT 2006

Yeah, but I found that talking about how great AM is gets old after a while. 
I experienced AM first hand as I became a ham in 1956.  I had a great time 
and made a lot of friends.  Now that SSB is the mode of choice for most 
hams, one gets used to VOX operation and the lock and talk becomes tedious 
at best.  I find that when I get on AM(I still have a pristine Valiant and 
HRO-60), a group gets together and by the time that it gets back around, 
20-30 minutes have expired.  I was used to this modus operandi back in the 
50's but now I prefer a back and forth format.   Please don't get me wrong. 
I enjoy an occasional AM QSO.  But I have found that it is nostalgia that 
attracts me to AM and nostalgia is satisfied by small bites(for me at 
least).  If AM is getting so popular, why aren't there any manufacturers 
producing any equipment?

BTW, after spending over 100 hrs converting the 20V-3 to 75M, I had big time 
interference to the neighbors.  I have no problems with the Valiant and none 
with my modern SSB rigs.

Bob W6TR
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> Bob Maser wrote:
>> I am in the Tampa area.  The reason I sold my 20V2 and 20V3 was once you 
>> work the 30 or 40 stations that seem to hang out on 3885,  you're done.
> Done with what?
> You have made 40 new friends.  I personally think that is worth a lot more 
> than a zillion sig reports from sig report collectors.
> Jack NR9Q
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