[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Larry Taft ltaft at charter.net
Thu Oct 12 21:13:13 EDT 2006

For good AM (I mean REALLY GOOD AM) try a SDR-1000 by Flex-Radio.  This 
is a computer driven little black box that can create any form of 
modulation and make it sound beautiful.  The receiver uses a quadrature 
mixer into a sound card with some free software to make the AM sound 
really great.  Has synchronous detector too and filtering that is truly 
brick wall stuff.  The filtering is fully adjustable on each side of the 
carrier so if an aflack is causing trouble on one side just use the 
cursor to shave it off.  No knobs, glowing tubes or 1000 lb cabinets.  
Stick a linear on the tail end and go up against anyone on the band.  
Want to try the new Digital Radio Mondail
DRM stuff?  Load up the free software and have at it.

This from one who does spectrum measurements on  300 +/- AM broadcast 
stations each year.  Also owns 4 Gates, 1 Westinghouse MW-1 and 1 
Western Electric AM type transmitters.
They will soon be for sale. Maybe I'll keep the Western Electric, its 
art deco neat.

73, Larry  K2LT

Bob Maser wrote:
> Yeah, right.
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>> Icom, Kenwud, Yeasu....
>>> least).  If AM is getting so popular, why aren't there any
>>> manufacturers
>>> producing any equipment?
>>> Bob W6TR

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