[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 09:33:41 EDT 2006

On 10/12/06, Bob Maser <bmaser at tampabay.rr.com> wrote:
> Yeah, but I found that talking about how great AM is gets old after a while.

If that's what you restrict the conversation to, sure - even I'd get
bored, and I'm easily amused. Folks I talk with discuss the rigs they
are running, restoring, or building,along with effective antennae,
other projects, history, life, etc etc. Listening in to the
intercom-type exchanges on SSB causes me to doze if I don't change the
dial. Seldom any radio content beyond the latest linear amp, and
really not unlike the memories I have of CB where folks used it merely
for convenience, not enjoyment. I don't know about you, but I got
interested in radio for....radio?

> Now that SSB is the mode of choice for most
> hams, one gets used to VOX operation and the lock and talk becomes tedious
> at best.

'Most' in the circles you prefer, Bob. To deny the explosion of
popularity in AM in recent years means you're either not paying
attention or choose to believe otherwise.

> I find that when I get on AM(I still have a pristine Valiant and
> HRO-60), a group gets together and by the time that it gets back around,
> 20-30 minutes have expired.  I was used to this modus operandi back in the
> 50's but now I prefer a back and forth format.

Why not start another conversation on a *different* frequency? This is
what I refer to with the tendency by some to 'clump' onto one
frequency. With all the AM activity and phone spectrum available,
there is no excuse to have those massive roundtables, muchless to stay
in one if it bores or otherwise annoys you. Take the lead, don't wait
to be led.

> If AM is getting so popular, why aren't there any manufacturers
> producing any equipment?

Uh.....maybe you missed this Bob, but AM was being left off SSB/CW
rigs some years ago including the much-vaunted Collins S-Line, KWM-2,
even the first 'super rig' that all the big Yaecomwood riceboxes are
modeled after: the KWM-380 (although it at least provided receive
capabilities). As AM stabilized and began again to grow years ago,
manufacturers began including the mode on their equipment again. They
obviously didn't do this because it was cheaper, or unfavorable.

> BTW, after spending over 100 hrs converting the 20V-3 to 75M, I had big time
> interference to the neighbors.

Yes, well....it's not unlike moving to a gated neighborhood or densely
populated development and trying to build an airstrip. Chances are
good to excellent that someone will notice and object. The better
choice would be to live in an area where neighbors aren't close enough
to be a problem, and real radio can be enjoyed. Maybe not as
convenient as living in the city or even outskirts, but necessary if
you want to run big radios and have something beyond the G5RV or small
tribander in the air. It's certainly not for everyone.

> I have no problems with the Valiant and none
> with my modern SSB rigs.

You probably still cause interference, especially when you run that
big SSB signal you eluded to previously. SSB is just a lot harder to
identify and trace than the natural human voice.

If nothing else Bob, you've at least made it clear why you think those
AMers better stay in a little sliver of the bands and tolerate
intentional interference from SSB stations. I'm just thankful that
everyone else who has responded to this thread sees AM as a standard
phone mode entitled to the same treatment as SSB. Seems to go against
that 'minority' view you hold of AM. Okay, so it's an AM reflector...

73, and thanks for the banter - hope to work you on AM once I get down
there. I'll expect a strapping signal from you, too. (o:

~ Todd  KA1KAQ

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