[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

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After reading this reply to AM thread, I was wondring where you have been
the last 20+ years???  The "modern" HF trranscievers do have a LOW LEVEL
form of am transmission. Unfortunately it is no comparison to the "old Plate
Modulated Boat anchors"  . It's like some one who restores old cars.  They
don't make those either but they are still pretty popular don't you agree??
No one says they can't drive on the street. They are a relic of the past
technology.  As far as having a special "window of operation" for this mode
of transmission,  I think that this is not necessary. Just having things the
way they are now with an agreement among the amateur community is much
better than having the FCC getting more involved with amateur radio than
they already are.  We should be careful what we ask for. We just might get
it!!!!   Can't we all just get along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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> >>If AM is getting so popular, why aren't there any manufacturers
> >>any equipment?
> Where  have you  been the past 20+ years?  Nearly all HF transceivers made
> to-day include true double-sideband full carrier AM mode, along with SSB,
> and various digital capabilities.
> There aren't any major manufacturers producing HF rigs that are AM-only
> exactly the same  reason they aren't producing SSB-only or CW only rigs.
> (I'm not talking about little single-mode QRP kits.)
> Don k4kyv
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