[AMRadio] Reasons for operating AM

John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wa5bxo2006 at pctechref.com
Fri Oct 13 13:51:15 EDT 2006

I operate AM because of the varied technologies that are involved in the
design and construction of the stuff.  I enjoy discussions about these
technologies with others.  After 35 years I still find many things to learn
about.  Tubes are extremely complicated devices with parameters that extend
far beyond what most in the amateur circle are aware of.  This is one of the
things that I enjoy about design and building with tubes.  But I really
enjoy designing solid state equipment because it is easier to bread board or
connect up with alligator clips.  I think every piece of commercially
purchased equipment in the shack that BJ and I operate has been extremely
modified some of which is not recognizable as to what it once was.
Incorporating some of the modern SS devices into some of the old tube store
bought equipments makes a lot of sense to BJ and me.  For instance if the
distortion factor of a modulator can be brought down form 10% to 5% by
incorporating solid state devices with better bias regulation or screen
regulation and at the same time reduce heat due to excess bleeder current
then you can be sure that the modifications will be made.  Sure we can and
do find modifications that we do to our SSB equipment even some of the
newest stuff.  And now days there are a whole lot of people running SSB
equipment that you can find with common interest in these modifications and
design work.  None the less it seems to me that there are a greater number
of these high tech designers and modifiers that are operating AM with their
full home brewed stations.  I find that talking to these guys is my most
enjoyable time.  It seems to me that the full length transmission of 5 to 10
minutes allows me to make a better description of the design technique that
we may be discussing.  Not that I could not do it on SSB, but I have found
most of the SSB only operators are not in to listening for that long.  Short
attention span I guess. 

John, WA5BXO

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