[AMRadio] My visit to FlexRadio - SDR-1000 Transceiver

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Fri Oct 13 15:38:20 EDT 2006

Hi Group,

    Just a few weeks ago I knew nothing about the SDR-1000, and now I have had my interest peaked. Brian, W5AMI has been linking MP3 recordings taken from his FlexRadio, and some of those AM clips have absolutely astonishing audio. I went to their website, and I discovered that this company is a 10 minute drive from my QTH, and  one of the key employees is Ed Popp, K5BOT. Ed is an old friend, and I used to work with him years ago. So today I went over there, and had the grand tour.

   They are in the midst of a 250 unit run. Everything is organized really nice, and this technology sure seems neat. The sound card on a computer is a critical part of the receiver, and it is the IF amplifier centered at 11 Khz. I asked about image problems, and Ed says the software nulls out the image, so therefore a low frequency IF is not a problem. 

I was very impressed after my tour, and 'eyeball' with Ed. Maybe Santa will get me one of those 250...



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