[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Fri Oct 13 19:04:06 EDT 2006

With all the email flying back and forth on band expansion, etc., it is no 
wonder that AM activity on 75/40 meters is sadly lacking.

Please no flames!  Just wanted to make a point that we need to give our 
fingers a rest and grab a mike.

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>>   On that subject, I can't
>>>understand why the Advanced hams don't go down and pass the Extra written 
>>>exam, especially since the code requirements have been eliminated.  My, 
>>>it's so easy to get on radio these days.
>>>Bob  W6TR
> Why would I want to downgrade from my 1968 advanced to the new extra?
> Darrell, WA5VGO
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