[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

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Fri Oct 13 20:41:31 EDT 2006

Yeah, I remember when Ten-Tec said that AM was archaic. The AM guys let them
know how they felt, and now even Ten-Tec sells transceivers with AM
capability.But, IMHO, the best AM is from tube gear. That is why I have a
DX-60 and a Globe Scout 65.
                                        Joe W4AAB
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> >>If AM is getting so popular, why aren't there any manufacturers
> >>any equipment?
> Where  have you  been the past 20+ years?  Nearly all HF transceivers made
> to-day include true double-sideband full carrier AM mode, along with SSB,
> and various digital capabilities.
> There aren't any major manufacturers producing HF rigs that are AM-only
> exactly the same  reason they aren't producing SSB-only or CW only rigs.
> (I'm not talking about little single-mode QRP kits.)
> Don k4kyv
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