[AMRadio] Phone band expansion gone off topic

Bob Maser bmaser at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Oct 14 11:50:15 EDT 2006

Tom, your discourse on the no code licensing was great.  I have never looked 
down at a n/c Extra as being inferior, except in jest, but I can remember 
having one hell of a time getting my code speed up past 20wpm at the same 
time I had the theory down pat.  They never seemed in sync.  I never had to 
earn my living in the electronics business so the theory was often Greek to 
me, still is.  But understand that a lot of Extras that did have to pass the 
20 wpm requirement feel that the FCC or ARRL sold them down the river by 
eliminating it.  Lets face it, the ARRL is really concerned that the Ham 
Radio hobby is going downhill and that means less sales of product and 
magazines and they decided that n/c would give the hobby a shot in the arm. 
They were wrong but it is too late to double back.  This hobby is indeed 
rounding the last turn and the finish line is within sight.  Deny this all 
you want but go to a hamfest and count the young hams.  You won't need to 
even take off your shoes.  I usually go to Dayton at least 3 out 5 years and 
this year the Hamvention attendance was under 20,000.  It used to take more 
than a day to go through the flea market, it was less than 60% full this 
year and I'll bet that it is even smaller next year.  Another indicator of 
the state of this hobby is the infamous QST magazine.  There are issues that 
contain nothing interesting to hams that have been in the hobby for any 
length of time.  If you scan the Sept issue you can learn how to make a 
straight key from a door hinge, how to make a UPS that you can buy ready 
made for under $75 that works better, revisit a extended double zepp that 
has been in the ARRL Handbook for the last 20 years, a product review of a 
radio that nobody buys, and a frequency counter.  Then comes the final 
insult; the biggest advertiser in the magazine offers junk for sale, a lot 
of which are direct copies of other manufacturers' product that are higher 
priced at least partly because they don't employ prison inmate labor.

All this verbiage are my opinions on the state of hobby.  Yours may be 
different, probably are.

Have a good day, see on the bands for as long as we have them.

Bob  W6TR

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>I see this topic come up so many times during the course of a year so I 
>guess that I should turn in my Extra-light license because I'm not as smart 
>or as worthy as those who think they are better than others because they 
>possess the "real" license earned back in the good-old days. I'm convinced 
>that they are the same people who walked to school 20 miles each way uphill 
>in the snow while carrying their little sister. I, on the other hand, had 
>to ride a bus about 10 miles...a piece of cake and I didn't learn 
>fortitude. (Plus my little sister sat beside me)
> I've decided to demand that the FCC require me to learn 50wpm code and 
> have a doctorate in Electrical Engineering instead of just an A.A. in 
> Electronic Technology from my Community College. Of course while I'm at it 
> I will demand that they require ALL Advanced and old-time Extras to learn 
> and prove proficiency on each and every mode of transmission including 
> voice whether they have a desire to use those modes or not.. They will 
> have to speak proper English and use proper punctuation in William 
> Shakespeare style while using voice mode. No hillbilly talk like I hear 
> now on the radio. No African-American, French, German, Italian, or other 
> dialects or accents. They must also demonstrate AM, FM, SSB, LSB,USB, DSB, 
> digital, RTTY, spread spectrum and on and on and on. Since they are so 
> smart they will also have to build every piece of equipment that they use 
> including RTTY printers, and make their own batteries with material mined 
> by them too. After all if they buy a battery then they are lazy. Also, 
> since communication had it's roots in early cultures they must show 
> proficiency on smoke signals and beating logs with sticks.
> I'm 55 years old and have had to readjust my career to changing times. I 
> worked for 3 companies in 28 years and now 10 companies in the last 4 
> years within the IT field. It is a different world with much younger 
> people in charge. START ADJUSTING! There is plenty for everyone to enjoy 
> in this hobby and I'm humbled by the learned ones who share their 
> knowledge without desire of receiving platitudes but BORED by those 
> fixated on the code issue especially.
> 73,
> Tom K3TVC/nc
> I signed with the /nc because it matters so much to you real Hams to know 
> that you are better. Oh God, I'm not worthy.
> hi hi
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>> Plus, if he had half a brain, he would have upgraded to an Extra back in 
>> the late 60's, early 70's.  It's sour grapes.  I agree that a pre no-code 
>> Extra is more valuable than post no code but he missed the boat.  My 
>> feeling is that my 20WPM Extra will always be worth more(to me at least) 
>> than a no code Extra.  I've always felt that no code extras should sign 
>> /nc when in the Extra part of the bands.
>> Bob W6TR
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>>> Because with your 1968 Advanced you cannot go to the Extra Only 
>>> Frequencies.
>>> Healthfully yours,
>>>                          Don W4BWS
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>>> From: "Darrell, WA5VGO" <hbrnut at earthlink.net>
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>>> Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 5:27 PM
>>> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Phone band expansion
>>>> >   On that subject, I can't
>>>> >>understand why the Advanced hams don't go down and pass the Extra
>>> written
>>>> >>exam, especially since the code requirements have been eliminated. 
>>>> >>My,
>>>> >>it's so easy to get on radio these days.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Bob  W6TR
>>>> Why would I want to downgrade from my 1968 advanced to the new extra?
>>>> Darrell, WA5VGO
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