[AMRadio] Phone band expansion gone off topic

Anthony W. DePrato WA4JQS wa4jqs at mikrotec.com
Sat Oct 14 18:41:31 EDT 2006

>All this verbiage are my opinions on the state of hobby.  Yours may 
>be different, probably are.
>Have a good day, see on the bands for as long as we have them.
>Bob  W6TR

Well Bob:
You said a mouth full and you are correct. I am one of those 20wpm 
extra's and was a general when all the bands were taken away from me 
in the late 60's. I guess i have kept that grudge for may years. but 
i do get on just about every day. Very little SSB any more too much 
crap and foul mouths and neo-nazis. Use to get on RTTY and still do 
but AM and CW are my loves now. Yes the    ARRL did not get the great 
shot in the arm they wanted Oh it happened for a while when all those 
who would not put the hard work and time into getting their ticket . 
we able to get it the New EZ way. but they got bored So the ARRL in 
their wisdom sic pushed to lower the test again. got a few more to 
come in who just wanted to guess at the test from the test Q&A that 
was passed out. they too dropped out bored. Why ? I really think they 
if you are given something for nothing you do not value it much. I 
value my ticket as one of the highest peices of paper i have ! I 
worked hard for it and I use it every day.
again just another old Farts thoughts on the matter.
73 Tony


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