[AMRadio] An Idea for 15 Meters

Mike Duke, K5XU k5xu at jam.rr.com
Sat Oct 14 22:06:56 EDT 2006

Those of us who depend on the upper hf bands for much of our AM operation 
due to limited power or antennas are eagerly awaiting better conditions on 
15 and 10 meters.

Since 15 meters will become more useable first, and since the General 
allocation on that band will soon increase by 25 khz, let's begin thinking 
of how we, the amateurs who regularly operate and enjoy AM, can tell the 
League, and every other amateur how we intend to define space for us in the 
voice portion of this band. Toward that end, here are my two cents.

When it comes to 15 meters, I've found the most common operating frequency 
appears to be 21.425. So, why not use 21.425 as a rallying point, and then 
move upward in 5 KHZ steps through 21.445 as conditions improve and activity 

Of course, we can move downward too, but as we approach 21.400 and below, we 
may run into whatever is left of the long-established missionary and mobile 

With a good amateur AM signal on 21.445, and a strong bc signal on 21.455, 
an SSB operator would have a tough time hugging the top edge of the band.

As I said, this is only my two cents on the issue. Feel free to take it, 
leave it, or kick it around on the list for awhile.

If nothing else comes of the idea, maybe it will at least give the 75 meter 
boat anchor guys a short break in the list traffic.


Mike Duke, K5XU
American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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