[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Sun Oct 15 01:08:07 EDT 2006

W7CE wrote:
> No problem Brian.  In fact I need to order another crystal from you.  My 
> purpose was to make sure members of the group are aware of the 
> long-established DX window from 3789 to 3800.  It is officially 3790 to 
> 3800, but has drifted down an extra kHz in the past few years (those 
> DXers are are real bandwidth hogs -- a whopping 11 kHz for all of them).
Actually 3775-3800 according to IARU band plan, however I guess
nobody in the US would care.
> For those interested, the window exists because for many years countries 
> like Australia had limited phone capability in the U.S. phone band.  In 
> Australia's case, I believe it was only from 3795 to 3800.  With the 
> expansion of the U.S. phone band, that may eventually start changing. 
> However, since a lot of DX on 80M is right at the noise level, it is 
> nice to have a small window that is relatively free of rag-chewing and 
> other non-DX related activity.  Also,  as we all know, the amount of 
> force required to move a group of hams is very large.
> I have heard talk of attempting NA to Eu AM QSOs in the window.  I don't 
> have any problem with this.  DX is DX, no matter what mode is used.  I 
> believe N7UA, with his 80M, 6 element wire yagi, is planning on trying 
> AM with some Eu stations later this winter.  I hope to either have my 
> Johnson Kilowatt fixed or my 20V-2 conversion completed by then so that 
> I can join in.
> 73,
> Clay  W7CE
By the way, I frequently during the winter hear lots of US AM traffic 
around 3850-3900, some stations are S-9+ and it wouldn´t be a problem to 
work them if I just could transmitt up there.
In any case I´ll be looking forward to work some of you on 80m AM,
might be easier now when everything will be changed around.

73 Jim SM2EKM

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