[AMRadio] TS430 as VFO on a KNIGHT T60

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Oct 16 09:01:22 EDT 2006

My two cents...
Its rare a controlled carrier rig sounds good.

For myself, I don't want to run something that sounds
like crap, no mater how vintage or efficient it is
into an amplifier.

I also seem to have given up on low power, and don't want any
rigs that run 100 watts or less, except as exciters
for bigger RF decks.

A lot of this stuff is fun to play with, but as a rig
you want to use on the air, they don't usually cut it.

In my case, the small stuff just sat around the shack
or got used once every 6 months for 10 minutes till
I switched to the bigger rigs.

There are guys who love using the old small rigs though,
running a DX40 or DX60 with an outboard VFO and/or modulator,
into an amp, and a crappy receiver with an outboard IF and rf amp,
and outboard audio, etc.

I suppose it's a challenge they like...
Something for everyone on AM!


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> John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wrote:
> > 	As for the T60, I'm not saying "don't do it".  You will 
> want to make
> > your on observations for the experience. But, the TS430, 
> when operated
> > properly on AM, will get you better signal and audio 
> reports and keep your
> > band neighbors friendly.  
> Thanks for the comments.
> My thoughts on an advantage of the T60 is that, as it has 
> controlled/suppressed carrier, the idle power is a lot less than the 
> TS430.  As a consequence, I could drive a linear (SB200) a bit harder 
> and get more power out of it than when using the 430.
> When running the 430 at about 15 watts, and a plate current 
> of 150 ma on 
> the amp, the plates get redder than I like.  Seems like I 
> should be able 
> to increase the input significantly with the T60 before the 
> plates got 
> to the same temp.
> Is this correct reasoning?
> I think I will just get some xtals for the T60 as I am 
> getting a Ranger 
> soon.
> js
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