[AMRadio] Zero beating

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Oct 16 15:47:04 EDT 2006

When we can't get some stations to clean up their signals, why would I want 
to start another controversy?  I have heard stations say, "I am crystal 
controlled".  So if there is activity on 3.878 real wide and I start up on 
3.881, what should I do?

I try to be reasonable about this, but sometimes my old hands can zero on my 
755A VFO.  I do promise to try though.

73  Jim

>I have a BC-221 here along with a freq. counter coupled to it.  The
> 221 also couples close enough to my rx where I can use it to zero beat
> a signal heard and at the same time see the freq. on the counter.  If
> the osc. in the tx does not get it perfect, I can immediately tune to
> the correct freq. I zeroed on the 221/counter as soon as I transmit.
> The Bc-221 is a handy piece of gear that many hams used to have as
> standard equipment, and can be found at hamfests for little money.  I
> paid $15 for mine about 7 years ago.  The freq counter was less than
> $50 used.
> Brian / w5ami

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