[AMRadio] Octal Sockets.... more Ranger stuff

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 22 07:28:40 EDT 2006

Sometimes octal sockets will have less than 8 pins.

If an application was for a tube that didn't use all the pins,
then manufacturers would save money leaving one or two out.

> > Question:  can new pins be inserted into such a socket to
> > repair it?  If so, where would one get replacement pins?
> It is possible that someone at the tube socket factory screwed up way back when.  Just make certain that you are counting the pin
> numbers right.  If so, then see if there are enough contacts in the socket to make the necessary connections to the tube.  You may
> be able to remove unused contacts, and move them to the right places.  You might be able to steal some unused contacts from a
> rectifier socket, too.  But if the contacts were moulded into the socket, then that won't work.
> You could also take contacts out of a similar socket from a junkbox, and put them in.
>    Bacon, WA3WDR
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