[AMRadio] Octal Sockets.... more Ranger stuff

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Oct 22 08:46:04 EDT 2006

Jack I have successfully removed pins from other sockets and inserted them 
into the desired socket.  Look at how the pins are locked in and use either 
a set of long nose pliers or a small jeweler's flat blade screwdriver to 
remove them.

Then careful insert them into the desired socket.  I have managed to do that 
on 9 pin octal, 7 & 9 pin miniature as well.  Just takes a little work. 
There is a tang that holds the pins in place.  Just straighten it to get the 
lock past the shoulder and push the pin out with a tube or sharp pointed 

73  Jim

> My new Ranger gets stranger by the minute.
> Inspecting the modulator section, not only are the tubes missing but the 
> cathode pin (8) has never been soldered to.  As far as I can tell,it 
> should be connected to 8 on the other socket.
> Furthermore, two of the pins on this socket are missing and they are not 
> unused pins.  The sockets are riveted in so installing a new one would be 
> a pain to say the least.
> Question:  can new pins be inserted into such a socket to repair it?  If 
> so, where would one get replacement pins?
> Thanks,
> js

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