[AMRadio] Octal Sockets.... more Ranger stuff

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Oct 22 10:37:43 EDT 2006


You really have a challenging restoration ahead of you.  Most people 
would just set it aside and call it unworthy of restoration.  I admire 
your tenacity.  I have replaced pins in tube sockets in a pinch, but for 
me it was at best a hit and miss process.  If you don't get the locking 
tab firmly back in place the pin will move around too much and possibly 
not make proper contact with the tube pin.  I have removed many brad 
mounted tube sockets and you're right they are a real pain.  However, in 
the long run it is the best solution, in my opinion.  A nice sharp drill 
bit and an adjustable speed drill can have those brads out of there in a 
few seconds.  Don't forget to blow out the shavings before you fire it up.

Best of luck on a worthy project!

Jack Schmidling wrote:

> My new Ranger gets stranger by the minute.
> Inspecting the modulator section, not only are the tubes missing but 
> the cathode pin (8) has never been soldered to.  As far as I can 
> tell,it should be connected to 8 on the other socket.
> Furthermore, two of the pins on this socket are missing and they are 
> not unused pins.  The sockets are riveted in so installing a new one 
> would be a pain to say the least.
> Question:  can new pins be inserted into such a socket to repair it?  
> If so, where would one get replacement pins?
> Thanks,
> js

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