[AMRadio] octal socket pins

tuscola tuscola at tds.net
Sun Oct 22 11:16:48 EDT 2006

I recently replaced some bad pins an octal socket on a Collins rig.
Ck the rig for other Octal sockets that may have un-used pins.
Take off any excess solder that might be on them using some de-solder braid.
Straighten the pin using needle nose pliers...the pins may have a slight twist or bend to them, straighten this out.
There will also be a tab that will have to be squeezed flat (this keeps the pin in place), then just gently push the pin up through the socket with your needle nose pliers keeping that tab flat.
After you re-insert the pin make sure you push the tab back out and twist the pin as before.
This has never failed to work for me and sure beats having to remove all of the components and replace a socket because of one bad pin.
If you have to look elsewhere for a pin make sure the socket is of a similar type.
As far as getting sockets, look at swaps you can always find tube sockets either in old non-working gear or in box's with the components still on the sockets...cheap that way.
73 jim heath w8ngo

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