[AMRadio] Octal Sockets.... more Ranger stuff

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sun Oct 22 17:08:40 EDT 2006

Rick Brashear wrote:

>I appears the modulation 
> transformer is completely disconnected from the modulator tubes.

One end is soldered to one tube but the other is just floating in the air.

>I see 
> you were able to get pin 8 in the two sockets, great. 

Actually, pin 8 was there but the fact that it looks like nothing was 
ever soldered to it on one of them is the mystery.  There are two pins 
missing from one of the sockets and they are grid and/or plate but I 
don't recall.

> If you haven't found a crystal socket yet I can send one along with the 
> CD tomorrow.

What I need is a complete octal for the xtal and one that I can salvage 
two pins from.  But if off the shelf sockets can be cannibalized, I can 
buy them but I doubt it.


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