[AMRadio] Ranger Tranny

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Oct 25 14:21:33 EDT 2006


SNC 2793 is the part number for the power transformer in the Ranger II 
and the Ranger I (late version) uses the same transformer.  I think the 
early version used a different number.  You might look in your Ranger I 
(early version) manual to see if it lists a number for T1.  My 
operations manual for the late version does not, but the manual for the 
Ranger II lists the same number as yours.  I have a Ranger I (late 
version) on the bench and it too has the SNC 2793 transformer.  Another 
interesting fact is the transformer for the early version has only 11 
wires coming from it whereas the later version (SNC 2793) has 13 wires 
as you described in yours.  I would say with all confidence that you 
have the original transformer installed by Johnson.


Jack Schmidling wrote:

> Jack Schmidling wrote:
>>  Never occurred to me to check the model number but probably because 
>> there is none visible.  I will check it out now.
> Turns out there are numbers stamped on the case but no manufacturer.
> Not sure what to do with the numbers but here they are:
> SNC P2793
> 9 50-SN
> js

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