[AMRadio] FS: HR Magazines, Raio-Electronics Books & Literature

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 09:36:07 EDT 2006

For Sale: Ham Radio Magazines And Vintage
Radio-Electronics Literature. All prices plus

HAM RADIO Magazines: 50 cents each. Good condition
unless noted. “n/c” = no covers--free.

1968: Nov
1969: May (2x), Jul, Sep (2x), Oct (3x), Dec
1970: Jan (2x), Apr, Jun (2x), Nov 
1971: Jan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Sep
1972: Jan (2x), Mar, Jun, Nov
1973: Jan, Jun
1974: Feb, May (2x)
1975: Jan, Feb, Apr (3x), May (2x), Jun (2x), Jul
(2x), Aug (2x), Sep, Oct (2x), Nov, (2x), Dec (2x)
1976: Aug
1977: Jan, Mar, Apr, Aug, Dec
1978: Aug, Oct
1979: Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec
1980: Jan, Feb, Mar (2x-1 n/c), Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep,
1981: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
1982: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May (2x), Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
1983: May, Oct
1984: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
1985: Feb, Apr, May, Jul, Nov
1986: Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct
1987: Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec
1988: Jan, Feb, Mar
1989: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov (2x), Dec (2x)
1990: Jan


CIE Electronics course booklet set: 9 booklets:
Kirchoff’s Laws, Detection and Frequency Conversion,
Modern Modulation Methods, FCC License Check Part II,
How to Work With Transistors, Oscillators, RF
Amplifiers, Operation of Semiconductor Devices and
Operation of Tubes and Transistors. Some have writing
inside. Nice set, in original CIE box. $8

NAVSHIPS 0967-000-0120, Electronics Installation and
Maintenance Book--Electronic Circuits, US Navy, April,
1965. Huge book in 8.5x11 format, hole-punched. Mostly
tubes but some transistors. Incredibly comprehensive.
About 450 page. $6

CQ Magazines (originals) plus photocopies of other
info on German WWII military radios. This includes the
issues of CQ that ran the German WWII Communication
Receivers articles by Dick Rolleme, PA0SE, Parts 1
through 4, plus more information photocopied from
Radio News and other sources. Makes a nice reference
set. $5

GP-Series Transmitter section, excerpt from WWII-era
publication “Aircraft Radio, Naval Air Technical
Training Center, Ward Island, Corpus Christie, Texas”.
Maybe 10 pages on the GP transmitters. $5

Radio Craft, Radio Electronics 1947 Reference Annual.
Great projects including a VHF transceiver and
3-channel audio amp. Lots of charts and tables. Good
stuff. $3. One article I liked in here is called
“Radio’s Serviced by Obervation”. I scanned that one
into a PDF and I’d be happy to e-mail anyone a copy
that wants one. 

Radio Maintenance magazine, 3 issues: October, 1947,
April, 1948, May, 1948. These have some really great
articles. I scanned one on Microphone maintenance that
is pretty cool (though also pretty obvious) and you
should e-mail me if you’d like a copy of that PDF. $6
for all 3 issues.

Bobby Darin “signed” poster, about 16 by 20. This must
have come in a record. Folded but in decent shape.
What a dreamboat! $3

Radio-Electronics Magazine, Feb. 1965. 75 cents.

73 Magazine, Jan, 2003, Oct, 2002. Free.

Microcraft Code-Star original manual. This is the same
as their Morse-a-Word product but lacks the RTTY
ranges. $2

HAL ST-5000 Demodulator original manual. With oversize
HAL charts and other HAL docs. $9

8th Air Force News, May, 1997 and March, 1999. $1

Merwyn Bly, A Guide To Cathode Ray Patterns, John
Wiley & Sons, 1943. 40 pages, spiral bound with soft
covers. Good early ‘scope training book. $6

AWA Old Timer’s Bulletin, Feb, 1960 (V1#2) and Apr,
1960 (V1#3). Both $4.

DOW Radio, Build Your Own Rotary Beam Rotating Motor
>From A Prop-Pitch Change Mechnism, undated but
probably 1950 or so. Just a single, 2-sided sheet.  $5

Electrical Design News, May, 1960, Tunnel Diodes
Special Report, LIFE-Magazine size. Cover worn, $50

Pennsy K4 locomotive artwork, by Gil Reid, about 16 by
20, in mailing tube. $5

ARRL Amateur Radio Map of The World, about 3 feet by 4
feet, it’s a “Modified Equidistant Azmuthal
projection” showing country prefixes, etc. This has
mildew damage at both left and right ends. Undated but
probably 1965 or so. Rolled--will be sent in mailing
tube. $5

WRL Radio Reference Map of The United States, 1957,
World Radio Laboratories, with a picture of Leo at his
station in the lower left and the WRL headquarters
building lower right. Did WRL ever publish anything
without Leo’s face on it? Color-coded map shows FCC
sections of the USA. Faded with some small nicks on
the right edge. Rolled--will be sent in mailing tube.
About 30 inches by 3 feet. $10

Coyne Radio-Television Circuits, Coyne hardback, 325
pages, 1948. Almost all the coverage is radio--the
word “Television” was probably added to the title as a
marketing ploy. This book is actually very good. It’s
simply written, practical and understandable. Perfect
companion to the book below. $5

Coyne Application of Radio-Television Principles,
Coyne hardback, 300 pages, 1947. Almost all the
coverage is radio--the word “Television” was probably
added to the title as a marketing ploy. This book is
actually very good. It’s simply written, practical and
understandable. Perfect companion to the book above.

John Traister, The Second Book of Electronic Projects,
Tab paperback, 80 pages. More power supply projects
than there ought to be. Has a Hi to Lo Mic Impedance
Converter project “for your CB radio”. $3

William Hayt, Jr., Engineering Electromagnetcs, McGraw
Hill Hardback, 1958, 325 pages. Mor than you ever
wanted to know about flux density, divergence, Poisson
and Laplace. $9

KLH Model 20 Stereophonic Music System original
manual, 1967, with other KLH related docs. $5

Rudolf Graf, Modern Dictionary of electronics, Sams
hardback, 1968, third ed., 590 pages. Need to know
what a Magnal socket looks like? Or need info about
Rectilinear recording? Then this dictionary is for
you. $4

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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