[AMRadio] 220 volt AC Power Question

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Mon Oct 30 21:13:14 EST 2006

Hi Said Jim,  I meant John..

Another advantage,  in tracing down excessive noise on 40 M with a 
ham buddy in Maine this summer I found several cases of neutrals and 
grounds tied together (at locations besides the main panel) 
throughout the house and shack.  Clearing those (and some other 
stuff) reduced ambient noise from S7-9 to S3 on his 40M rotating dipole.


At 08:50 PM 10/30/2006, you wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>I understand that the update to the National Electrical Code now dictates
>that all NEW work 220V outlets have a neutral in addition to the ground. This
>makes good sense, especially in light of your email.  Buy the way, 
>legal or not,
>The Collins 30S-1 amp had an internal 120V outlet under a shelf in the power
>supply.  This was to facilitate installing the power supply for a 
>KWM-1 within
>the amplifier PS cabinet. I don't doubt that other manufacturers and
>homebrewers do similar things with blowers, relays and control 
>circuits. Dangerous? I
>suppose under the right circumstances it could be. For once, I can go along
>with the NEC folks.
>73 and stay safe,
>John,  W4AWM
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