[AMRadio] FS: SW-3, SX-100, R392, R-100A, 2B/2BQ, AF-68/PMR-8, RAO,

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Mon Sep 11 14:15:06 EDT 2006

> For Sale: Boatanchors and Related. All prices plus
> shipping. Reply to n3rht at yahoo.com . Please do not
> reply to the list.
> National SW-3 in good looking, good working original
> condition. With one set of coils for 40
> meters--bandspread, I think. Cloth power cord is
> electrical-taped at the radio end. Nice example of
> an
> SW-3. No power supply and just the one set of coils.
> $259
> Hallicrafters SX-100. Crystal calibrator is missing.
> One knob is chipped. Cabinet has some noticeable
> paint
> scrapes on top and 2 unoriginal 1/4 inch jacks
> installed on one side. The front panel looks
> great--even with the chipped knob. Works but
> capacitor
> shorts out at the high end. You will need to find
> the
> offending plate or plates and fix that. Or
> alternatively, I will include an NOS replacement cap
> that you can install in place of the one that is in
> there. $259
> National PW dial and gearbox as used on the HRO and
> many other National radios. Black dial. The gearbox
> is
> the right-angle variety and has a shaft coming out
> of
> only one side. Nice. $50
> Hickok Cardmatic Model 123 Tube Tester with a decent
> set of cards--not a comprehensiveset of cards--just
> the basics. Decent looking condition, though it is
> dirty and will need a cleaning. Untested and As-is.
> $199
> Multi-Elmac AF-68/PMR-8 rig with M1070 power supply,
> all connecting cables and unoriginal mobile speaker.
> Copies of most of the docs are included. The AF-68
> has
> some surface rust on the inside edge of the chrome
> trim ring and also on the wahers around the
> switches.
> This is very minor and should polish off--the
> washers
> are easy enough to replace. Also, the AF-68 dial
> window has yellowed slightly. That may or may not
> polish up to clear, I am not sure. I think this rig
> is
> all original. If it’s not, I can’t find where it
> isn’t. I think this will clean up to be a showpiece.
> $299
> Military R392 receiver made by Western Electric.
> This
> is all original, looks sharp and is working
> reasonably
> well, though I did not test it thoroughly. This
> radio
> comes with a modified commercial power supply that
> uses the original connector to supply power to the
> radio. It also has a gooft looking modern external
> speaker with the original audio connector on it for
> audio. It you can put up with the look of that
> speaker, this thing is plug-n-play good
> boatanchoring.
> $299
> Another R392--parts unit. This is missing the meter,
> some fuse holders and probably other stuff inside.
> It’s pretty scuffed up and dirty. For parts only.
> $89.
> Not sold until the radio above is sold in case the
> buyer wants a parts unit. 
> Drake 2B with 2BQ. Has some dings and masking tape
> on
> it. But the radio copper chassis doesn’t look bad.
> It
> has 2 extra crystals. The cables going from the 2BQ
> to
> the 2B are not original. Otherwise, I think this is
> all original. $159
> Ameco Type CN converter with type PS-1 power supply
> With all tubes and xtal. Copper looks nice. $30
> Unbuilt Heathkit Capacitor Substitution Box Model
> IN-3147. Small kit. This has been opened, but the
> contents are undisturbed--it’s still factory-packed.
> $50
> Unbuilt Heathkit Resistance Substitution Box Model
> IN-3137. Small kit. This has been opened, but the
> contents are undisturbed--it’s still factory-packed.
> $50
> Unbuilt Heathkit IT-1121 Semiconductor Curve Tracer.
> This has been opened and partly gone through. Some
> or
> all of the sub-boxes are still sealed. The cabinet
> is
> still wrapped up. But unless it’s underneath
> everything else the manual is missing. Mid-size kit.
> $119
> Set of ARC-12 command set equipment with original
> ARC-12 manual. This consists of 2 transmitters, 2
> receivers with dynamotors and two receivers without
> dynamotors. There are no control boxes or racks or
> any
> accessories other than the manual. Some of the
> radios
> have been sightly modified but 4 of the six are
> original and the others are probably easily
> restored.
> The origoinal manual says “Instruction Book for A.
> R.
> C Type 12 Equipment with UHF Supplement, January,
> 1955. It has all the schematics, hookup diagrams,
> photos and so forth. 6 radios, 2 dynamotors and the
> manual: $200
> Knight R-100A receiver. This has some very light
> paint
> scuffs on the cabinet top. But overall, this radio
> sparkles. There’s some very minor tape residue on
> the
> front panel that should come off easily and it could
> use a minor cleaning. But after that cleaning, the
> front panel will be near-mint and the cabinet will
> be
> excellent. All original with manual copy. $130
> Military RAO-6 HF Receiver s/n 909 made by National
> Radio Company. WWII Navy HF receiver variant of
> National NC-100A. Covers BCB to 24 or 30Mhz.
> Contract
> number NXsr-38306 dated 7-31-44. This has big paint
> scrapes on top and the knob backing plate to left of
> dial has faded. Untested and as-is. With original
> preliminary manual. Tube Line-up: 5Z3, 6J5, 2-6J7,
> 2-6K7, 6K6, 6C8 and 6F8. $169
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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