[AMRadio] BC-610-E

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Tue Sep 12 16:39:36 EDT 2006

All you BC-610 gurus, please, put on your thinking caps.  Where is the 
BEST place to derive 117 vac for a Dow Key relay?  My "E" model came 
equipped with a Dow Key relay attached to the back all wired in.  
However, it's not an ideal set up.  It seems there is always enough 
voltage running through the coil to make the relay hum a little.  The 
main problem is it sometimes doesn't release good and switch the antenna 
back to the receiver due this voltage.  I haven't traced it to see 
exactly where this connection is made, but I know there has to be a 
better point.  Before I start digging through this heavy monster 
(remember the "E" is NOT very friendly when it comes to repair or 
servicing) I thought I'd get some ideas from those who have already made 
this connection.


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