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Tue Sep 12 20:47:05 EDT 2006

Rick, what I did is take 120 vac , run one leg(the hot leg) through a BIG
footswitch to one side of the Dow-Key relay coil and run the neutral to the
other side of the coil.That works fine for me.
                                        Joe W4AAB
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> All you BC-610 gurus, please, put on your thinking caps.  Where is the
> BEST place to derive 117 vac for a Dow Key relay?  My "E" model came
> equipped with a Dow Key relay attached to the back all wired in.
> However, it's not an ideal set up.  It seems there is always enough
> voltage running through the coil to make the relay hum a little.  The
> main problem is it sometimes doesn't release good and switch the antenna
> back to the receiver due this voltage.  I haven't traced it to see
> exactly where this connection is made, but I know there has to be a
> better point.  Before I start digging through this heavy monster
> (remember the "E" is NOT very friendly when it comes to repair or
> servicing) I thought I'd get some ideas from those who have already made
> this connection.
> Thanks,
> Rick/K5IZ
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