[AMRadio] BC-610-E

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Tue Sep 12 20:57:33 EDT 2006

Thanks Joe, that should do the trick.  The problem I have is I am using 
a BC-614-E speech Amplifier with a PTT modification on it so all works 
off the PTT switch on the microphone.  It's been too many years since I 
played the drums to think I could ever manipulate a foot switch and a 
mic switch without getting messed up!    :-)        ....there was a day, 
but it was  a long time ago!

It's all irrelevant now anyway.  I just got up from digging around 
inside the monster and found I have a RF bypass capacitor in the RF deck 
leaking oil and will have to pull the top off this old gal after all.  
Why couldn't this happen on the "H" or "I" model so I could just pull a 
deck out?


crawfish wrote:

>Rick, what I did is take 120 vac , run one leg(the hot leg) through a BIG
>footswitch to one side of the Dow-Key.........

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