[AMRadio] BC-610-E

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Wed Sep 13 12:42:08 EDT 2006

Hi Rick, 

Try Frank, W4FRL.    quailrun at preferred.com    423-727-0333  He had a Johnson 
switch at Shelby and I don't believe he sold it. I believe he was asking 
$70.00 for it, but he likes to trade.

Be aware that all those electronic switches are TVI generators of the highest 
order. My KW amps are completely clean using standard Dow Key relays, but 
then I tried a B & W and Johnson switch, I ran into all kinds of problems. I got 
into a cable driven TV set and all kinds of audio stuff. I subsequently sold 
both switches.

Back in my early days, I tried a Dow Key electronic switch and wiped out one 
whole end of town. I think that one is still around here somewhere, but I 
haven't seen it in years. It was connector mounted and got its operating voltage 
from the receiver.


John,  W4AWM

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