[AMRadio] Need ID Help for 1930's Transmitter

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Wed Sep 13 18:04:53 EDT 2006

It might end up being what I make it. I don't have any
Amperex tubes that fit this descriptiuon and no 806's.
I do have 250ths and it probably would not be a crime
to go to a clip on the grid instead of a cap. Or I
could work with the 810 which I have also. But I don't
want to start buying oddball final tubes for this rig.
73, Don M.

--- Mark Foltarz <Foltarz at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> >The final deck has a socket for a single tube with
> the
> >large, twist-lock base and 2 plate-cap-size
> >connections for plate and grid caps. Not many tubes
> >fit that description, so I am thinking maybe an 810
> >goes there? The Eimac tubes are out because they
> used
> >a pin for the grid--not a full-size plate cap.
> Amperex HF series of tubes  would also meet that
> description
> de KA4JVY
> Mark
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