[AMRadio] Re: Need ID Help for 1930's Transmitter

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Wed Sep 13 18:42:29 EDT 2006

On 9/13/06, Don Merz <don at thedjbrothers.com> wrote:
> It might end up being what I make it. I don't have any
> Amperex tubes that fit this descriptiuon and no 806's.
> I do have 250ths and it probably would not be a crime
> to go to a clip on the grid instead of a cap. Or I
> could work with the 810 which I have also. But I don't
> want to start buying oddball final tubes for this rig.
> 73, Don M.
Don, you can probably still find those pin to 1/2" cap adapters
somewhere.  If it were me, I'd just change the thing to whatever you
need.  250TH/L's are still pretty plentiful so you probably wouldn't
go wrong there.  Does the xmtr have a neutralizing cap and circuit in
place?  Another alternative would be a 304TL, but I've heard they can
be hard to neutralize or something, never used one myself.  806's are
hard to find, and you'd sure be no better off than just using a 250TH.


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