[AMRadio] FS: BA Test Gear, RBH Receiver, Kaypro, Misc.

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 15:27:49 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Test Gear and Similar Stuff

HP 606A HF signal generator covering 50kc-65mc with a
great waveform, high dial accuracy and metered output
voltage level. This is the classic BA signal generator
that Fair Radio Sales has had in their catalogs for 20
years or more. This one did not come from Fair and it
has been well taken care of. Very good cosmetic and
operating condition. With manual photocopy. Tube
lineup is 5 6AW8, 4 12AT7, 2 6CL6, 7 12B4 and 1 5651.
Big BA signal generator needs a big workbench or big
shelf above or below. $80

B&W 210 Audio Oscillator. Works and looks great. This
is a 1962-vintage test bench audio oscillator covering
10cps—100kcps with good distortion characteristics,
variable output to 150mw, 600 ohm bal or unbal output,
etc. This is a cosmetic match for B&W 410 distortion
analyzer below. With original manual. Tube lineup is
simple: 1-6AU6 and 1-6CG7. $35

B&W 410 Distortion Analyzer. Looks Great. This is a
workbench audio distortion analyzer and AC voltmeter.
Matches B&W 210 audio oscillator above. Working as
designed. Worth it for the AC voltmeter alone. With
original manual. Tube lineup is 1 12AX7, 1 12AU7, 1
0A2, 1-6X4 and  2-6U8. $35

Hal-tronix HAL-600 unbuilt frequency counter kit. The
original receipt is dated April 22, 1977. So this is
about 30 years old. Typical 600Mhz counter kit of the
era. It uses 7447, 7475, 7490 ICs plus some others.
The internal AC supply uses a 309K voltage regulator
or it can be run on 12VDC. . It has a 7-digit LED
display with a selectable time bade of 0.1 sec or 1.0
sec (with 10 sec optional). In the original mailing
box with all parts and original instructions. Cost
$139 in 1977. $39

Greenlee #733 1/2 inch D-shaped punch with box and
data sheet. Might not be brand new, but it sure hasn’t
been used much. $12

National NOS R-175A plate choke. The A version
includes 6 meters and 15 meters. With May, 1954 QST
reprint. $20

Cute bench variac: 7x5x5 inch box with on/off/breaker
switch, pilot light, variac and 0-150VAC meter. The
3-wire cord goes in the back and the single 3-wire
outlet is also on the back. This looks professionally
made and says Allen-Bradley on the switch/circuit
breaker. But that may just be the switch and not the
whole thing. Given it’s small size, this is probably
good for 2-3 amps, just right for bringing up your
untested BA. $20

Military RBH-2 Navy WWII HF Receiver s/n 35 made by
National Radio Company. WWII Navy HF receiver variant
of National NC-100A. Covers .3-12 mc and 1.7 to 16mc.
Contract number NXss-19881 dated January 2, 1943. This
radio has been restored. The dial and dial face are
crisp and clean. The paint has been oversprayed very
smoothly and you have to look hard to readlize it is
not the original paint. It has an unoriginal toggle
switch to the left of the dial, in line with the knobs
along the left edge. This switch looks like it could
be original because of the way it is done, but I think
it is not. Electrically restored and working
reasonably well. $139

Kaypro II 1984-vintage CP/M computer with kbd. Dual
floppy. The cord that connects the keyboard to the PC
is missing. Otherwise in nice shape. No software. $12

Kaypro IV vintage CP/M computer with kbd. Dual floppy.
The cord that connects the keyboard to the PC is
missing. Otherwise in nice shape. No software. $12

HP 5302A counter for parts or repair. 50Mhz counter
works intermittently. Shows signs of being used in a
smoking environment. So it may just need internal
connections cleaned and reseated. $5

General Electric Adjustable Capacitor catalog no.
28F311. This is a 9x6x5 inch black wrinkle-painted
steel box with 2 binding posts and 6 toggle switches
on top. The toggles select 1/2MFD, 1MFD, 2MFD, 4MFD,
8MFD and 16MFD. The tag says it’s good for up to
500VDC or 250VAC. It’s heavy so I’m assuming that
whatever is inside is oil-filled. Untested and as-is.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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