[AMRadio] Dow Key

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Sep 16 21:18:34 EDT 2006

Thanks Mike the Mod-U-Lator for the input.  Thanks Mike for the tape 
idea.  I tried the piece of cellophane tape and the relay buzzed way too 
much, so I moved on to other ideas.  What I finally found was a brass 
washer out of place on the back of the coil where it attaches to the 
frame.  It seems it's necessary to break the metal frame from the core 
of the coil where it mounts with a non magnetic material.  I always 
thought those little brass washers were kind of like shims to correctly 
position the coil and maybe they do serve that purpose too, but once I 
put one between the coil and the back of the frame where the coil 
mounts, viola!  So, Mike was right, it was magnetism, but it needed to 
be handled at the rear of the coil instead of the front.  I've seen 
relays like Mike was talking about with a little adjustable screw in the 
front to determine how close the "flapper" (sorry, can't think of the 
real name) gets to the core of the magnet.

Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions.  She is up and running. 
I have to put the top back on and roll the monster back in place then 
I'll see if I can contact someone.


Mike Sawyer wrote:

>Although that is a good place to look, I think 15 seconds is pretty long....

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