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A friend of mine had some tapes of WA5FHP in DeQuincy, LA who was on 3950
kHz AM as late as the early 1980's. I wish a thousand times I had made tapes
of the AM diehards here in the southeast, like K4AGY,W4AGX,WA4PQH,W4ZWE and
others such as Don K4KYV in the late 1960's and early 1970's when I was
getting into ham radio. Otis and Ozona Bob were regulars then, too.
                                   Joe W4AAB
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> Somewhere I think I still have a recording of Alton, W5FAP, as heard on 20
> meters in Mississippi one Sunday afternoon in the early 70s.
> If I can find it, I'll transfer it to mp3 and make it available to
> does such an archive.
> It's too bad I didn't keep recordings I made of W9ZKN, W6QS, and other 20
> meter big guns in the late 60s. Those guys gave a whole new meaning to the
> phrase "full quieting."
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