[AMRadio] VHS Video of AM Operators

Ed Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Tue Sep 19 08:11:22 EDT 2006

Good Morning All,

This talk about OT audio recordings clicked a bulb of remembrance from deep
withen my feeble brain...

Way back, in the early 90's, when dawn AM roundtabling on 1888-KHz ---
spearheaded by none other than Dick (W2UJR) --- was in vogue, Brian (WB8JBT)
got the notion to start a "pass around" VHS video tape of the different
"regulars". Every participant who received the tape was obliged to film
himself & his rigs/antennas, and then pass the tape on...

Well, mine was the LAST entry onto the tape, before I passed it on to Dick
for a look-see, who, in turn, returned the original to Brian (this was
before he moved south). I made a copy for myself before I mailed it,

The tape shows WB8JBT, N8UJR, KB8QF, myself, and a host of others...and I
still have it, and enjoy viewing it whenever the mood strikes me.

I wonder if such a thing might not be a bad idea to repeat to-day...?

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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>    Along with the other Volunteers - I'd like to offer my services in
> regard to restoring and preserving old audio recordings.  I have over 20
> years professional experience, and a lifetime of messing around with,
> audio and music electronics.  I'm recently retired from 20 years in the
> film business, all in post-production, the last 10 years as Chief
> Engineer, MGM Studios.  I have always maintained a 'personal' studio (or
> two), and I continue to do media restoration and recovery for lots of
> clients worldwide.  I can play anything from Edison cylinders on up, and
> I've made a specialty of restoring damaged media - broken records,
> partially erased tapes, water/smoke damge, etc etc.
>      I'd be very pleased to offer whatever help I can be toward the
> preservation efforts of our history and legacy.  So if you've got any old
> cassettes, tapes, wires, or discs, etc., etc., I would like to join the
> folks here who have generously offered to help with this.  I have pile of
> machinery and devices, and an extensive suite of restoration products,
> generally as ProTools plugins, and can deliver the Results as downloadable
> files, or of course CDs or DVDs.
>      Contact me off-list is there's anything I can do to help out.
>    Cheers
> John  KB6SCO
> Carson City DM09fg
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