[AMRadio] Ranger

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Tue Sep 19 20:35:16 EDT 2006

I have a new little side project I'm piddling with and have need of a 
few parts.  I am attempting to restore a Johnson Ranger that has seen 
some pretty tough days and had lots of mods.  I'd like to get it back to 
a stock condition with exception of the cw keying mod.  Please, check 
your junk boxes for a complete VFO or the cover for the VFO and the 
little phenolic tuning tubes that go in the VFO.  The PC board has been 
very hot and is burned through in one place so if possible I'd like to 
replace the entire VFO.  I also need cabinet screws and, of course, long 
bolts.  If you have an old Ranger parts rig that still has the VFO I'd 
like to talk to you about that too.


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