[AMRadio] VHS Video of AM Operators Coming To DVD

Ed Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Wed Sep 20 12:23:19 EDT 2006

Good Day All,

John (KB6SCO) has kindly offered his services in transposing the VHS tape
contents onto a DVD for me...

If any of you fellows are interested, besides just seeing the AM
"personalities" who appear on this 2 hour video tour, you'll also have
opportunity to view some real, honest-to-goodness, glow-in-the-dark AM boat
anchor classics all lit up & in action in the different shacks. There are
some interesting shots of different QTHs housing AM'ers & their treasures,
too, as well some neat antenna set-ups.

I have yet to snail-mail the VHS tape to John, but I hope to have it in the
system by week's end. Meanwhile, you might wish to contact him directly re.
whatever it is he might need from you to reserve/secure your copy of the
completed DVD. His e-mail address is jp115 at panix.com

I think you'll find the video to be quite worthwhile. I still find it hard
to believe that it's already in excess of 13 years old...!

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

----- Original Message -----

> Hi Gang,
> Well, I dug up that old VHS tape of mine, showing the 1888-KHz
early-morning AM
> roundtablers of 13 years ago in all their fame & glory...
> It's a 2 hour tape, recorded on high speed. The last entry --- mine ---
> made on 21st May 1993...hardly the stuff of Smithsonian archives, but
> just "...one of these days!" Hi Hi.
> Here are the self-recorded "stars" of the video, in order of appearance:
> -WB8JBT (Brian), recorded on 20th September 1992 (20 minutes);
> -KB8QF (Dave)---13 minutes;
> -WA8UMZ (Ron)...8 minutes;
> -WB8SQJ (Jay)...7 minutes;
> -N8JRJ (Steve)...13 minutes;
> -NI9Y (Dan);
> -KB8QF (Dave again, with an update);
> -N8CLZ;
> -N9PXE (Carl)...20 minutes, and,
> -VE3CUI (14 minutes).

> ~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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