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Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Sun Sep 24 09:33:32 EDT 2006

    People that want a good AM receiver for 2 meters :
        I have a bunch of GRR-23 units, they are FAA VHF AM receivers built 
by ITT Aerospace. Very sensistive and has a sharp dual section tunable 
cavity filter in the front end. Dual gate MOSFET RF amp, mixer. Has a 2N5109 
post-mixer amp, followed by crystal filter and 4 stage 20.6 Mhz. IF amp.Unit 
is single channel crystal control, has dual 600 ohm audio channels, squelch, 
good AGC.
    Anyway, I have a couple crystalled up on 144.400. There is a synthesizer 
available that replaces the crystal osc. module, however it hits every 25 
Khz. only, but 144.400 is one of the frequencies it will cover.
                CUL, Byron WA5THJ
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> I agree with the lowfer theory(good one). I cant hardly buy a 2 M AM 
> contact.
>  73 DE K0NG  ..
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