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For Sale: Boatanchor Parts, Homebrew and Literature.
All prices plus shipping


Military FM 24-13 Air Extract of Combined Operating
Signals, War Dept, Feb 21, 1944. Intended to be used
as a quick reference in the field (plane?). Spiral
bound with heavy cardboard covers. Slightly larger
than pocket size. $7

Signal Corps, US Army, Message Book M-210, Undated and
Unused. Cool accessory for the military boatanchor
shack. $5 each. 2 to sell.

TM 11-454 The Radio Operator, War Department, May 12,
1943. Procedures, signals and instructions. $7

Phil Ault, Wires West, Dodd, Mead & Co., 1974,
hardback with dust jacket, ex-library, 175 pages. A
pretty engaging story, very simply written about the
progress of telegraph and later telephone lines across
the USA and to Alaska. Some discussion about the
trans-oceanic cables. The first half of the book is
better than the second half. $9


Tube sockets, all types, about 5 pounds of them,
mostly used, some new, lots of wafer-type sockets,
7-pin and 9-pin miniature, with and without
tube-shield bases, some 4-pin and 5-pin stuff, some
octals, some ceramic but mostly phenolic, probably no
7-pin and definitely no loktal or compactron sockets
and no old, surface-mount types. I’m guessing there
are 150 or more sockets here. $20 plus $8.60 US
priority flat rate box mailing.

Vector tube socket-based terminal assemblies. I forget
what these are called. But they have a cylinder
mounted below the tube socket with terminals for
making connections like a terminal strip. So you have
all the tube socket pin terminals plus the extra
terminals on the cylinder for building a circuit below
the tube. These are all used but cleaned up to
near-new condition. There are 4 octals, 2 7-pin
miniatures and 4 Nuvistor. The Nuvistor ones are brand
new. $20 shipped to your door.

Surface-mount tube sockets. These are designed for
01A-type tubes where the locking pin fits in a slot
and twists to lock the tube in position. There are 4
of these in brown plastic and two of those are cracked
at the locking pin position. $5

Western Electric 100-A large square metal tube socket
with faded tag. Used. $5

Remler Type 50 Tube socket, probably surface mount,
though it could go either way. Designed for 4-pin
tubes where 2 of the pins are thicker than the other
two. $5

RCA Radiotron WD socket RCA part number S-365136. This
has 4 pins with one pin larger than the other 3 and
lug nut connections. Probably surface mount. $8

Heathkit AA-111 20 watt stereo amplifier. This has one
7199 driving 2 EL-84’s in each channel. All tubes are
present. Some light surface rust on the power
transformer. Probably an easy restoration. No cover
and I don’t think it ever had one. $99

Heathkit A-7 mono amplifier. This has a 12SN7 driving
a pair of 12A6’s, which I think are in push-pull.
Designed for Hi-Fi. Only 3 controls--bass, treble and
volume. Nice gray hammertone chassis. No cover and I
don’t think it ever had one. $59

Autek QF-1 audio filter. $10 plus $8.60 flat rate box

Heathkit HM-15 SWR/power meter. Nice and original but
needs cleaned. $10 plus FRB mailing.

Cornell-Dubilier CDB-3 decade capacitor. This is part
of that set of test gear they made in the 3x5x5 wooden
boxes. Needs cleaned. $16 including FRB mailing

Cornell-Dubilier BN capacitance bridge with tuning
eye. A match for the decade cap above, this is part of
that set of test gear they made in the 3x5x5 wooden
boxes. Needs cleaned. Includes original manual which
is falling apart. $30 including FRB mailing.

Military BC-1366 jack box made by Fada. Nice original
condition in every respect. $25 including FRB mailing.

Bud Frequency Calibrator FCC-90. Cigarette-pack size
xtal oscillator using single 117L7 tube and 100kc
James Knights crystal both surface-mounted. No power
transformer. Cool BA shack accessory. $25 including
FRB mailing.

Homebrew receiver. This is in a 6 inch wide, 5 inch
high and 4 inch deep bud box. It  has the small
National ACN-type dial with no markings on it, one
knob, a headphone jack and a banana jack for attaching
an antenna. Inside, it uses a single 6D10 compactron
tube. The tuning cap and coil are very small, possibly
VHF. Well-made homebrew with short leads and quality
wiring practices. Cute little guy. Needs cleaning. $30
including FRB mailing.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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