[AMRadio] VT to OK on AM

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Sep 25 14:49:52 EDT 2006

160 was a little disappointing last year.  I never did hear the NE like I 
did last night on 80.  All the transmission were on the Inverted L that I 
put up for 160.

I use a tuner to get it on 80 and strangely the noise was less on it than 
the dipole.  That contributed greatly to copying Brent, Todd and Tim.  I 
switched to the dipole to receive several times and the noise was almost as 
loud as the signals.  Oh well, who cares what kind of antenna makes the 
connection, it was nice to have that good a path.  We all talked long enough 
for you to warm up Brian.  No more excuses.

Many times I was caught in the situation you have Todd.  Just as conditions 
were improving I had to move.  You need to take a good station on down and 
install it so it will be ready to turn on after the move.  You then can 
store the rest with confidence.  The path from here to Florida opens 

73  Jim

>> The house went under contract last week. Now I find myself almost
>> rooting against myself so the deal closes later instead of sooner. I
>> hate to put the gear into storage just when things are getting good!
> Oh man!  That's a bummer Todd!  Well anyway. good luck on the sale.  I
> remember about 7 years ago working Tim/HLR several times one winter,
> Maine to Arkansas.  I know the conditions can be had, but they don't
> come that often.
> BTW Jim/5JO, you were peeling the wallpaper off here.  Strongest I've
> ever heard you.  I look forward to getting something going on 160 too.
> We should have a pipeline from here to OK.
> 73
> Brian

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