[AMRadio] Anybody roll some tape ?

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Tue Sep 26 12:53:13 EDT 2006

Yep, as a matter of fact I got HUZ last night.  I turned the TX off
just before he called me.  Todd was in there too, however not like he
was the night before.  I did talk to Todd just briefly, but didn't get
a recording.

This was recorded on my Flex SDR-1000.  About half way through, I
switched in the 6.6 kc filter (you can hear it).  It started on 6 kcs.


Paul, can you pass this along to the AM Forum?  Steve has not heard it
yet.  Let him know why I didn't come back last night.  I'm already 10
minutes late for an appt.



On 9/26/06, VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Geez, all this talk abaout VT to OK on AM and great
> condx on 75m, did anyone think to roll some tape or
> feed their hard drive ?
> For future planning, shoot me an MP3 or burn me a CD
> and mail it to the callbook address when conditions
> are exceptional.
> THIS is where we get the "archive tapes" for the
> future !!!
> Paul/VJB
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