[AMRadio] Best Boatanchor

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Sep 27 21:24:54 EDT 2006

The 183D is a very good receiver as far as I am concerned and highly 
recommend it. With come care tuning, it will do SSB fine, but you need to 
know how to tune an old AM receiver for SSB.  There is a trick to it.

Given the price range listed Daniel, you can buy any one of several nice 
receivers.  A nice HRO 60 with the ham band coils, the 183D, any 
Hallicrafters, or Hammarlund.  The main thing is to have patience and wait 
for something nice to come along that works.

Watch the bulletin boards:  http://www.arrl.org/RadiosOnline/ 
for something to come up.  Be wary of Ebay, I have seen too many complain 
about some dealers there so if you don't know who is selling then you will 
be taking a lot of chances.

Decide on what bands and modes are preferable to you.  You can look at the 
specs of a lot of radios here:

Choose more than one and began your search.  I, personally, don't like to 
buy something unless I can touch it and try it except if I know the person 
who is selling.  I recently traded for a Hallicrafters SX 117 and really 
like the radio.  It does pretty good AM and SSB better.  But it is a ham 
band only receiver.  They can be found for less than 300 dollars easily. 
Attend hamfests and look the seller in the eye.

Given you location in Indiana, go to Dayton Hamvention.  You will find many 
receivers there.

Good luck.

73  Jim

> Oh Yes!  I forgot about the SX-101.  Wish I still had mine.  I can't
> speak for the NC183D since I've never owned one, but Bob is right, you
> will likely be completely confused as to what to get once this
> discussion is over ;)
> Brian w5ami
> On 9/27/06, Robert Peters <rwpeters at swbell.net> wrote:
>> You will get 100 different receivers from 100 people...My 2 favorites
>> are the SX101 Mark II and the
>> NC183D...Both great selectivity and great Audio...
>> Bob W1PE

>>   Hi Everyone,
>>   I am new to boatanchors and need some advice. I am beginning to
>> collect antique radios. I want suggestions on what my first one should
>> be. I am living in a duplex so a xmitter is out of the questions, so I
>> thought I'd get a "nice" receiver to listen on. I would prefer something
>> that would also receive SSB as this will be my only reciever for a
>> while, but not at the sacrifice of selectivity on AM. I had a TS-850
>> that I unfortunately had to sell a few months back for a move for a new
>> job. It had great receive (and Xmit) on AM, and so I'm wanting something
>> in that caliber. I've read great things about the HQ-180A but I think
>> it's only AM and a little out of the price I'm looking for. I'd like to
>> find soemthing in the $300-350 range. Any suggestions???
>>   73
>>   Daniel N9WX

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