[AMRadio] Best Boatanchor

KB2WIG at twcny.rr.com KB2WIG at twcny.rr.com
Wed Sep 27 23:44:50 EDT 2006

 You did ask for suggestions .. so .....get a cheep dixie 60 and get 
on the air... your neighbors can't always be home...

Anyway, Sometimes.. you can pick up an Hammurlund SP600 or maybe a 
Hallicrafters sx 28 for a few bills.. there buzzardly, and are real 
boatanchors. Ask around or go to the local hamfests fer a look 
see///   klc

"I want suggestions on what my first one should be. I am
> living in a duplex so a xmitter is out of the questions, so I 
thought I'd
> get a "nice" receiver to listen on.

 I'd like to find soemthing in the $300-
> 350 range. Any
> > suggestions???
> >
> >   73
> >   Daniel N9WX
> >
> >


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