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Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
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    I have a suggestion that you might ponder. Save the boat anchor for the transmitter, something like a Johnson Ranger. For the receiver consider a more modern Icom R-75 general coverage receiver. I own one of these, and with appropriate filters, these are absolutely excellent on AM, and are all mode as well. The Kiwa folks have a whole array of modifications too that enhance overal reception with an emphasis on SW AM broadcast reception. You might get a used R-75 for $350, and add another hundred or so later for the Kiwa mods.
    I also have an RCA AR-88, and Hammerlund SP-600 receiver. These are very nice, but since getting the Icom, I put the RCA on the shelf, and I only on occasion turn on the Super-Pro. The mechanical filters in the ICOM, offset passband tuning, synchronous AM detector, Noise Blanker, and DSP all stand out over my two boatanchors. That said, the super pro has superior audio, and sensitivity. When the band is noisy, and crowded, I use the Icom. The RCA is sort of in between, but it too has good qualities (except it weighs a hundred pounds!).

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Hi Guys,
  Thanks for all the suggestions...there are LOTS of favorites for sure. I guess I have a little thinking and investigating to do. Thanks for all the input...now it's time to start the homework! 
  Thanks and 73,
  Daniel  N9WX

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