[AMRadio] FS: Tubes 1616, 6146, 100TH, 801, 6L6, Many More

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 30 11:55:54 EDT 2006

For Sale: Vacuum Tubes. All prices plus shipping.

1616 rectifiers. 5 tubes, none in original boxes but
all tested good and guaranteed. One more untested--a
total of 6 tubes. $20/all

RK-31 pair. These have low emission but possibly still
useable in the right situation. $8/pair

211D. Has some tag on it about being “custom-built”
whatever that means. Has about 50% emission of a 211.

Weird, large mercury rectifier collection--all
untested: 2 tubes labeled VT-166--these have
completely different internal construction and one has
a brass base while the other doesn’t--but they are
labeled the same and have the same pinouts. One
Electrons Inc EL 6C--incredible internal
construction--looks like Flesh Gordon’s space ship.
2-8008 tubes, one GE and one Amperex. $20/all 5 tubes.

815 tubes. 3 tubes, none in boxes, but all with both
sides tested good and guaranteed. Two of these test as
new. One of them has the key-way broken off so be
careful how you put it in the socket. $11/all 3.

3B28 Electronic Enterprises. Untested--used. $3

5894 Amperex Untested. Might be new, probably used. $3

416B. Western Electric. Many available. All untested.
Please inquire.

866A. Two tubes. JAN marked in JAN boxes but made by
Taylor. These look new inside but both bases are loose
and would need glued before these can be used.

HF-120. This is an Amperex equivalent to the 211/VT-4
tube, only built with Amperex quality. Excellent
emission. Ready to perform well in your BC-375, -191
or golden ears amplifier. With data sheet.  $35

111-H. Similar to 211 but plate is brought out to a
top cap. Amp. Factor is 23 vs 12 on 211. Not sure what
this was used in. Untested. With data sheet. $20

6883. 4 tubes. This is the 12-volt 6146. 2 Raytheon
test like new but one has the keyway broken off. One
GE tests brand new. One RCA tests weak. $17/all 4.

6146 (not A, B or W--just plan 6146). 7 tubes. Used,
all tested good. Various brands. $3 each.

6146A. 2 tubes. Used, all tested good. Various brands.
$4 each.

6146B. 6 tubes. Used, all tested good. Various brands.
$5 each.
6146W. 3 Tubes. Used, all tested good. Various brands.
$5 each.

Hytron HY51Z. 2 tubes. I have not been able to find
data on these. They look like a beefier version of the
HY51A and HY51B, which were apparently marketed as low
cost alternatives to the RCA type 50 tube. These have
large, ST-19 bulbs, micanol bases and a plate cap
mounted on a ceramic ring like an 866A. Filaments
tested good. Otherwise untested. $35 for the pair. 

3E29 tube with socket and dual plate-pin clip for
paralleling the plates. Used JAN. $5

3C24/24G. 4 tubes. Ex-FAA. Probably brand new but no
boxes. Untested. $7/all

2E24. 2 Tubes. NOS in JAN boxes. $6/both.

6L6M. Westinghouse. Tests brand new but shows leakage
at one position on the Hickok--maybe because it’s
metal? $5

6L6GC. 2 tubes. These test just fair with 450 and 400
micromhos when 300 is passing. A new tube would test
over 600. $8/both

6L6G--big ST shaped bulb.  RCA. Tests close to new
600/300. $8

6L6G--big ST-shaped bulb. Admiral brand. Tests just
fair 400/300. $4

6L6GB Silvertone brandNOS in Silvertone box. Tests
brand new. $8

Transmitting Tubes. All prices plus shipping.
Small quantities of each type are available except as
Prices shown are about 25% lower than average recent
eBay sales.
6JB6 $6 each, used test good. Many available.
10Y $31 each, used test like new, equivalent or better
to 801 or 10
100TH $45 each, used, guaranteed to be good
100TL $25, used, tests very good. Just one.
801 $31 each, used test good
801A $35 each, used test like new
1614 $8 each used, test good
1619 $4 each used, test good

Raytheon QK422 Reflex Klystron Tube operating the
frequency range 7125-8125mc, 85-100mw out, NOS blue
octal metal tube with waveguide coming out the side.
Nice addition to your tube collection. $4 each. 5

NOSB 4D32 tube. Raytheon tube in JAN box with missing
end-flap. NOS. $15

1625 Tubes. NOS in JAN or RCA boxes. Some boxes are
dirty and others have come unglued. But the boxes are
mostly in good shape. All tubes appear to be new.
$3.50 each. 6 left to sell.

1625 tubes. Look used but are probably new. Untested.
As-is. $2 each.

Cunningham C-376 (same as UV-876) mogul-base ballast
tube. I think this is the one used in the RAK/RAL
supply? Used but tested good. $8

Amperex R-100. Used, looks okay. $5

866A Tubes, NOSB RCA, $5 each (2 to sell).

6CB5A Amperex NOSB, $3 each (2 to sell)

6322 Tubes, NOS JAN, Tube Lore says this is a 1285MC
tuneable tube. Unique look. Good add to any tube
display. $2 each (4 to sell)  HOLDING 1

Raytheon RK-4D32 tube. Looks new but no box. The glass
is stamped DISPLAY SAMPLE. As-is $8

RCA NOS 802 Tube in gorgeous RCA world-map box. $12

RCA NOS 802 tube in standard RCA box. $9 (3 available,
one missing box flap)

Used 802 tube, untested, looks ok. $5

Raytheon RK-60 tube NOSB in JAN box. $9

Raytheon RK-34, used. $5

Raytheon RK-25, used. $5

3B28, used but good. $8 each, 2 available.
Two RCA UR-542A ceramic tube sockets for 4-pin triodes
like 852, 100TH, etc. Used. $8/pair 
Two EF Johnson ceramic sockets for old 4-pin
triodes-identical to RCA sockets above. Used. $8/pair 
Two EF Johnson large ceramic tube sockets. These are
for your 250TH, 810 and similar tubes. Used. $8/pair 
Four EF Johnson 122-227-1 7-pin (for the 1625 tube)
ceramic tube sockets, NOSB. $15/all 
Eimac 15E triode NOSB. Pulse tube used in ASB and WWII
IFF sets. $8. Another 15E without the box--$5.

Seven used metal 1619 tubes. The 1619 is the 2.5 volt
version of the 
6L6. $12/all

Ten used 5687 tubes. 9 pin duotriode with unusual
pinout. U17, 12.6vct @450ma, 8.4W. $8 

Five 12AU7 used tubes. $4/all  

Five used 0D3 VR tubes. $4/all

6227 aka E80L, nine of these NOSB Amperex brand. This
is a 9 pin miniature power pentode rated at 8 watts.
6.3V 750ma heater, rated for 10,000 hour life. $6/all

6939 aka QQV02-6, four of these plus one 8595 (which
is the ruggedized version of the 6939), 3 NOSB
Amperex, one NOSB RCA and one NOSB military-boxed.
Transmitting tube. This is a miniature VHF frame grid
dual tetrode rated at 6 watts up to 500 mhz. $4/all

5842, one of these, Raytheon brand in a military box,
New. This tube is used in the Nems Clarke 1302
receiver and probably others. $2

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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