[AMRadio] Motor revisited

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Make that BT-20-A

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> > I have been unable to find a 2 RPM Synchron motor for the timing delay
> > the old GE BT-20-A I am bringing back to life.  I can find plenty 1 RPM,
> > however.  Other than taking a full minute to allow B+ to be activated
> > instead of 30 seconds, I can see no reason why it wouldn't serve the
> > purpose.   I sometimes overlook the obvious, can any of you guys see
> reason
> > why this would not work?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Rick/K5IZ
> The manual states a delay of 30 seconds delay due to the operation of 1K1.
> Perhaps the motor has been changed in the BA-10A here, but the measured
> delay is 1 minute.  The motor looks original (can't read the speed without
> disassembling the unit).
> Never noticed the additional delay here, other than normal impatience.
> If you replace the motor, make sure it has either the correct gearing or
> extended shaft.  It doesn't look like a generic motor to me.
> Bill
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