[AMRadio] AM Forum

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Apr 2 20:28:34 EDT 2007

Good try Pete.  I have made posts to several forums as you 
data indicates.  Many of my queries or posts are ignored as 
if I am the bast*** child at the party.

There are many good silent people there mostly because of 
responses they see like this one: 

You posted in this one forum, but scroll down three posts 
and see what I have noticed lately.  This is not good and 
not necessary.  I have been a member of this list more years 
than Gary has been the boss and I have noticed a definite 
drift to the NE part of the country because of the mentioned 
attitude in the post mention above or totally ignoring some 


> During a rough count, I see approximately 100 members from 
> 5 land. Of
> those, only 25 have even made a post. No one can be forced 
> to make a
> post. Of course, you Jim have made 1030 posts since you 
> joined and
> approximately 15 others of the 25 who have made a post, 
> have made more
> than 25 posts. In the Announcements or QSO Section, you're 
> free as a
> member to post an upcoming hamfest or start a discussion 
> about the events
> of a past hamfest or gathering. The Announcements Section 
> is open to any
> member to post upcoming events in their area.
> Hey, even in New Jersey, I really don't give much of a 
> hoot about the
> Deerfield hamfest either, but some members do. If you have 
> some
> interesting experiences about the upcoming Belton hamfest, 
> or even past
> experiences, put them up there. If you don't post it, 
> don't expect a
> response.
> Pete, wa2cwa

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