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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Apr 2 22:19:18 EDT 2007

Brett, I am echoing your activity on 40.  There is a group 
who meet on Sat. and Sun. about 7160 or so at 3 PM your 
time.  Up until last year, I could hear them all.  They are 
in Texas, Louisiana, Southern Miss. and Arkansas and I can't 
hear all of them now.  So I don't join in as I did in the 
past.  On 7.290 - 93 I cannot hear many stations at all. 
There is a station in Rio Ranchos, NM that until the last 
year I could hear, but not now.  He is regularly in 
conversation with several stations on the weekend now.

80 meters can be the same way at times here.  Most signals I 
hear in the evening hours from up your way are ok, but I 
can't recover enough audio to identify most of them so I 
don't join.  I have attempted to break into their 
roundtables in the past, just to be ignored.  There are some 
up that way that will talk to us, but many do not like our 
operating mode. So I avoid even trying to work them.  Some 
of them are on 1.885 in the evening, but the signals from up 
there are not strong enough to even hear the audio.  I have 
the same treatment on that board so I am reading it only.  I 
will not make any posts unless specifically asked a 

Recently a guy there wanted some DX 100 parts that I 
happened to have.  It took me a week to get boxes and pack 
the material and he has refused to answer posted or even 
direct messages although he told me he wanted the stuff.  I 
packed more than he asked to be sent, but now it is if I 
don't exist.  He, just this past week reposted for the same 
parts.  I sent him another message telling him that I had 
the stuff ready and he hasn't had the courtesy to respond. 
This is indicative of the treatment many of us down here 

I am not trying to drive a wedge between any of the AM 
people around the country, but am quite tired of this 
treatment and hope that many of us who live in this part of 
the country will move over to Ted's board where we can have 
a civil exchange.  I hope you do join over there.  Spirited 
discussions are always fun.


> Jim,
> Here in south jersey, on weekends, 40 meters is dead dead 
> dead.
> There used to be loads of people on, 30 or 40 at the same
> time and now its zero, is it the solar cycle?
> I hear weak signals on 80 weekend days sometimes, guys way 
> up north,
> although Nick, KG2IR is often strong, he is talking to 
> guys
> I cant hear....
> As far as the list here goes, I don't pay any attention
> to the politics, fcc stuff, incentive, arrl, or even the 
> hamfest
> stuff.
> Now if someone was building something, I perk right up!
> Well, it will be motorcycle and yard work time soon 
> anyway...
> Brett

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