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Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Mon Apr 2 22:23:29 EDT 2007

Jim (and others),
    I don't care about Belton, but damned if you posted some pictures about 
it, I would most certainly be inclined to look. I recall some one having a 
"boat anchor" shoot from "6" land. It was certainly controversial and people 
most certainly did not ignore it.
    Check out the latest from Frank's Post Timonium Party compiled by Ken 
W2DTC, http://w2dtc.com/2007-0331-post-timonium-party-2007-page.htm  Check 
those people out! They are all brought together by one simple thing: AM 
radio. That is what is all about. Now, there is nobody stopping you or 
anyone else from 5-land from doing the same thing. I know that the people 
from the "East" will comment and be just as envious. Cripes, I spent more 
money in gas than I did at the fest. But it was worth it to shake hands with 
people that I only hear behind a microphone.
    I apologize for the rant here, but I think you (Jim) are being unfair in 
your assumptions of the AM Fone BB.
    I used way more bandwidth than I intended, sorry.
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Mike, ever check the responses to posts from 5 Land.  Might
as well be invisible.  Who cares about Deerfield????  Belton
is coming up and no one up there cares.


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