[AMRadio] AM Forum

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Apr 2 22:47:14 EDT 2007

No apologies necessary Mike.  That is why these places 
exist.  Discussion is the name of the game.

It is not just the hamfests I am speaking about it is other 
queries and posts.  If I am being unfair, then are posts 
that I make ignored.  Even posts to active subjects where I 
make a point, the other jump over what I have said as though 
it is not relevant and refer to other comments.

I don't know Mike, maybe you are right, but others have 
mentioned the same thing to me and I don't see them posting 
there anymore.  I posted the original message hoping to get 
some of those guys in our part of the country to improve 
their activity.


>    I apologize for the rant here, but I think you (Jim) 
> are being unfair in
> your assumptions of the AM Fone BB.
>    I used way more bandwidth than I intended, sorry.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)

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